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Need to locate someone? Try using Anywho...

I have used this website many times and thought I would share it with all of you on Active Rain and that read my Blog. Some times I will get a phone number and not know who it is, or need to search for someone by their phone number or address and not by their name.
www.Anywho.com allows you to do a "Reverse Search" by phone number to find out someones name and address... 

Hope this info. helps you in the future! I had to use it today and it made me think about sharing it with all of YOU!

Nicky Dou



Listing Information and Disclaimer

White Pages (Find a Person/Reverse Lookup)
The personal identifying information available on AnyWho is provided solely by Intelius, Inc. and is derived from Public Records, Publicly Available Information and Commercial Records. Public Records consist of information that is maintained by government agencies and is generally available, such as property title and lien documents, birth and death certificates, business records, Securities and Exchange Commission filings and court records. Publicly Available Information consists of online and offline information that is generally available but is not maintained by a government agency, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers of individuals and businesses, professional licensing and trade organization information, press releases and newspaper articles. Commercial Records consist of records maintained by enterprises that are available for purchase, such as mailing and telemarketing lists, phone connect and disconnect information, and business profile data.

None of the listings contained in the White Pages are obtained from AT&T billing records.

Yellow Pages (Find a Business)
Yellow Pages listings (searches by category or name) are obtained from YELLOWPAGES.COM and are updated on a regular basis.  


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Nicky Dou | Keller Williams Market Pro Realty

Comment balloon 10 commentsNicky Dou • August 12 2009 08:57PM


Nicky, these are great resources to save and look up people and numbers with.  Thanks.  I had heard of whitepages, but not anywho.  Thanks again...

Posted by Evelyn Johnston, The People You Know, Like and Trust! (Friends & Neighbors Real Estate) over 10 years ago
Nicky, Thanks for the information. I am certain that it will be helpful.
Posted by Gary Coles (International Referrals), Latin America Real Estate (Venture Realty International) over 10 years ago


Thanks for the suggestion.  I find www.bigyellow.com to be the best.

Posted by Richard Weeks, REALTOR®, Broker over 10 years ago

Hi, Nicky

That is very helpful...thanks for the info...I will use this site alot.


Posted by Tinker Hulsey, Century 21 Wright-Pace Real Estate (Century 21 Wright-Pace Real Estate) over 10 years ago


Great sales tool.  thank you for sharing it.

Posted by Rebecca Levinson, Real Estate Marketing and Online Advertising Consultant (Real Skillz-Clear Marketing for Your Real Estate Vision) over 10 years ago

Nicky, I've been using anywho for a long time. It is really great. Thanks for psoting it here on AR.

Posted by Suma Kakani (Northern IL Realtor - Keller Williams Success Realty) over 10 years ago

Hi Nicky,

Thank you for sharing the information!  I'm sure it will be very helpful!  Enjoy your Sunday!



Posted by Rita Minion (O'Brien Realty) over 10 years ago

Hi Nicky,  I have recently tried this site, and mostly it pops up with another site, that you have to pay to get the information. thanks for sharing!

Posted by Ginger Moore (Wilkinson & Associates Realty) over 10 years ago

what site or service do agents use with success for looking up property address or owners name to get phone numbers. Mainly for Expired use to locate and cross refference against DNC list so we can do warm calls after Expired mailings...

Thanks everyone!

Glen Bigness- Bigness Realty Group

Premiere Plus Realty

Posted by Glen Bigness, P.A. (Premier Plus Realty) over 5 years ago


Posted by J.page over 1 year ago